10 Celebs Who Will Inspire You To Get Your Dream Hair Color

Time to go bold!
PHOTO: Instagram/yengconstantino

If you’re still undecided about going for colored locks, these 10 celebs will *hopefully* give you courage! GO FOR IT, GIRL!

Go deep red like KC Concepcion.

Or a gorgeous rose gold blonde like Emma Roberts.


Shay Mitchell went blonde (it’s actually a wig—a very convincing wig), and it looks hella sexy, too.

Lily Collins recently dyed her locks red.

Laureen Uy opted for an ombre dip dye job. So cool!

How about dyeing only half of your hair blue like Yeng Constantino?

Bella Hadid’s pastel pink hair is ~*dreamy*~ AF:

Or you know, just commit to going full blonde like Bea Alonzo:

Arci Muñoz is wearing hair extensions here, but isn’t it so tempting to get your mane colored like this?

Black is still a bold choice. Check out Kylie Jenner's chin-length cut!

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