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Cherry Bombre Hair Is Next On Our To-Do List!

No bleaching required!

We’ve seen a lot of ridiculously cool hair color trends in the past year—Mermaid Hair, Macaron Hair, Opal Hair, and the list goes on and on!

The problem, however, is that while they all look super chic, most of them were done on women with naturally blonde or light hair. This means that if we Pinays want to try them out, we have to bleach our locks—a beauty risk not everyone is willing to take! #BeautyIsPain

So if you’re not willing to get your locks bleached, but still want to add a bit of character to your tresses, say hello to Cherry Bombré Hair. (Clever, we know!)

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Pretty, isn’t it?

There’s absolutely no bleaching required, since it was designed for brunettes. So yup, we Pinays can definitely try this out without having to deal with the threat of burning our scalp and frying our hair with bleach! HOORAY.

This style is especially perf for women who lead busy lives and have no time for regular salon appointments for touch-ups. It’s insanely low-maintenance, as it only requires the very basics of hair coloring: color-protecting shampoo and conditioner and minimal exposure to sunlight, chlorine, and hot tools. Kayang-kaya!   

Celebrity colorist Beth Minardi, who created the term “Cherry Bombré,” explained to Good Housekeeping that the hair color can flatter any skin tone by simply adjusting the vibrancy and depth of the red hair dye. She also said that the hair color will look good “with long layers or no layers, as it requires minimal dying processes to achieve.”

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Looks like we just found our next hair peg, you guys.

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