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5 Chill Ways To Style Long Hair That Don't Require A Ponytail

Look put-together without any hassle.
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Long, luscious locks can take years to grow, and tying your hair up doesn’t give your hard-earned length any time to shine. Instead of resigning yourself to a ponytail on lazy days, here are a few easy, low-maintenance hairstyles for when you want to look polished sans the hair tie.

1. Don a headband.

An accessory is the easiest way to dress up your hair without exerting any effort. Tie a silk scarf around your head to keep your hair out of your face, and complement the trendy look with a preppy OOTD, like a simple white button-down and a flirty skater skirt.

2. Twist your locks.

Instead of sporting a messy bun to work, go for this stylish ‘do. Take two small sections from above your ears and twist them back, then secure them with a barrette or two bobby pins. It’s both trendy and professional, and it will look great with your best power suit.

3. Give yourself subtle waves.

Got a little more time on your hands? Whip out that curling iron and quickly twirl your ends around it. Once you’re done, brush out your curls with your fingers and add a light dusting of hairspray to keep the style in place. Pair this style with your best bombshell looks.

4. Wear a beret.

If your hair is looking flat and refuses to cooperate with you, then wear a hat to disguise your lack of volume. Go for a brightly colored beret to give your outfit a Parisian feel.

5. Frame your face with bangs.

Getting bangs is the fastest way to inject some style to your look without sacrificing the length of your hair. A fringe can change your look completely, and keeping it down will still have you looking fresh and put-together.

When you ditch the ponytail and show off your length, make sure that you use products that help prevent hair fall when you style your locks. Try Cream Silk’s Hair Fall Defense Conditioner. It’s enriched with a Break-Shield Complex, which helps strengthen the hair from root to tip and helps prevent breakage.

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