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10 Gorgeous Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas That Prove The Shade's Classic Appeal

It looks good on everyone!
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Chocolate brown is a practical and classic hair color that looks good on everyone. It's the *one* shade you try if you want a low-key makeover that makes a big difference. We explain the major reasons you should try it below:

Why should I try a chocolate brown hair color?

  • It doesn't need bleach.

    Asian hair can easily be lightened with brown dyes. Chocolate brown, being a deep hue, can be achieved without using bleach.

  • It's pretty low-maintenance.

    Since the dark hue is close to Pinay's natural hair color, regrowth isn't that obvious. You also do not need to use a special hair care product like purple shampoo to preserve its color. It is recommended, however, to wash with a sulfate-free shampoo to prevent the dye from fading.

  • A box dye can help you get this look!

    While getting your hair professionally colored in the salon produces the best result, you can make do with a box dye if you're on a budget. You can for a bubble dye formula for easy DIY application.

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  • It's a classic and it looks good on everyone.

    You can never go wrong with a dark brown hue! Chocolate brown brings out the warm undertones of Pinay skin tones. It also makes the complexion look brighter.

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  • You can pull it off even if you work in offices with strict rules.

    Since the deep dark hue is close to black hair, it is a safe choice for people who work in strict offices. It's low-key yet it makes a big difference to your look.

Ready to try a low-key hair makeover? Check out these chocolate brown hair ideas:

10 Gorgeous Chocolate Brown Hair Color Ideas To Try Right Now

  1. Deep chocolate brown layered hair with wispy bangs

    A classic hue and haircut all in one look.

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  2. Espresso and chocolate brown balayage

    This dye job gives as an instant refresh to Asian hair.

  3. Hot chocolate

    A warm brunette hue that looks good on everyone.

  4. Triple chocolate

    Ask for different shades of brown to create this look: Milk chocolate, dark chocolate, and caramel brown.

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  5. Milk chocolate soft bob

    A warmer version of chocolate that goes so well with short haircuts.

  6. Silky chocolate brown

    Ask for a gloss treatment to add dimension to the deep brown shade.

  7. Chocolate brown base with caramel highlights

    Sun-kissed highlights will give chocolate brown hair some dimension.

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  8. Chocolate rose

    Try this rose brunette hue if you want something different.

  9. Chocolate brown with caramel face-framing highlights

    This dye job works well if you've got a layered haircut!

  10. Milk chocolate and strawberry milk

    Try this color combo if you want something daring!

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