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Wait A Minute, Is The Chunky Highlights Trend Cool Again?

Another '90s trend is back!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/jennierubyjane, (RIGHT) Instagram/chiefilomeno

Survey says '90s trends will always be cool. In a year-ender report, Pinterest said that styles from this ~glorious~ decade will resurface, and boy oh boy, it was right! Scrunchies, brown lippies, and snap clips are all over Instagram RN. Another '90s-inspired beauty craze that's back? Chunky highlights!

Yep, thick honey streaks are cool again. What makes the 2020 version different from the '90s trend is that the highlights are placed by the hairline, making it face-framing. The ~obvious stripes~ looks great on blunt cuts because it emphasizes the sharp edges of the hair. We're still not sure if we love or hate it yet, but we have to admit, it looks good on these girls:


How you like that?

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Andrea Brillantes

OMG, we hope Jennie sees this!

Chie Filomeno

Chie did this hair makeover by herself!

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Jennifer Lopez

This reminds us of JLo from the "All I Have" music video.

Brittany Xavier

The fashion influencer blunt lob looks even edgier with chunky blonde highlights.

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Kaia Gerber

Kaia bleached her own hair (gasp!) to get sun-kissed highlights.

Sable Young

The high contrast of the blonde streaks versus her jet-black hair is simply stunning.

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Tatiana Ringsby

YouTuber Tatiana shared on her channel how she did this dye job at home. (Ed's note: Bleaching your own hair is not advisable because the color-stripping formula may damage your strands.)

Kylie Jenner

Now if King Kylie has done it, it's safe to say that the trend has ~arrived~.

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