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We Are Living For Coleen's New Blonde Highlights

It makes her look sun-kissed!
PHOTO: Instagram/coleen

Coleen Garcia looks ~* extra radiant*~ in her new hairstyle! ICYMI, she just got the must-have hair color for summer: Sandy blonde highlights!

The light warm shade freshens up her features,  and we love how ~*natural*~ it looks!  It's like she went to the beach, took a dip in the water, and came out withTa-da!—perfectly colored locks!

Sun-kissed highlights can work on Pinays with various skin tones because the light and dark strands expertly blend together. It's also ideal for those of you who want to dye your hair, but don't want a drastic change!

If you want to get your strands done by the same person who artistically painted Coleen's highlights, then book Laurent Herbert! The French hairstylist is also famous for making his female clients stand up (Yes, you read that right!) while cutting their hair!

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