Haircuts Your Cool Dad Will Love

Treat dad to a grooming sesh this Father's Day!
PHOTO: (LEFT) A Love To Last/ABS-CBN Entertainment, (RIGHT) Instagram/troymontero

If you think your dad has been wearing the same hairstyle ever since you graduated college, show him these fresh cuts to make your mom swoon.

1. This could pretty much be your pop's current 'do, but he can dial up the "cool dad" factor with a barely-there beard and moustache.

2. We're sure mommy would approve of dad's low-key pompadour.

3. If he has wavy or curly hair, he'll look extra dashing with this classic cut.

4. He may have probably sported this when he was our age, but this can still suit him! Right, ma?

5. If he's conscious of going bald, tell him to work with his existing hairline, keep the front longer, and have everywhere else shorter. This gives the illusion of fuller hair without trying too hard.

6. Boy, oh boy. Dad would feel extra young when he gets his sides a fading shave!

7. This may be a bit hard to maintain (papa needs to load up on matte pomade to style the pompadour), but it sure racks up the pogi points.

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