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Holiday Hair Makeover: Get A Digiperm!

Update your look this season by getting a digital perm! Find out how and where to get this glam, low-maint' 'do.

Itching for a new look to show off when you attend all those holiday parties? The simplest way to spruce up your look is by getting a new hairstyle, and since you'll be busy with the Christmas rush, traffic jams, and work deadlines coming up before you go on vacay, we suggest getting a style that is low maintenance, a.k.a. "wash and wear."

This season, try out a fun and fab look like a no-fuss digital perm! Why waste so many hours every morning blow-drying and styling your hair when you could have salon-worthy curly locks with minimal effort?

Where To Get It:

Hairworks Salon
in front of Greenbelt 5 offers a great digital perm service that will last you at least two months--just long enough to get you through the holidays.

The Digital Perm Process

Make an appointment with Rey, the salon's premier stylist, who will analyze and examine the condition of your hair. Tell him what kind of look you want to achieve, and whether you want tight or loose curls. He will then give you layers based on the natural part of your hair, followed by a pre-treatment from L'Oreal called Inner Logic, which will help protect your locks from getting damaged by the digital perm.

Next, he'll apply L'Oreal's X-tenso Moisturist treatment and put in curling rods that are connected to a digital perm machine. Don't be surprised by the blast of cool air that facilitates the absorption of the curling cream! A neutralizer is then applied to lock in the curls. After 15 minutes, the curling rods will be taken out and your hair will be rinsed.

The stylist will put in a post-treatment cream and leave it on your hair for five minutes. After rinsing this off, he will blow dry your locks with a diffuser to avoid the buhaghag effect. The result: hair that looks like you just came out of the salon--even weeks after you have it done!

You will definitely benefit from your new hairstyle because of its instant glam factor and easy manageability, which gives you more time to work and enjoy your social life this coming busy season!

Hairworks Salon is located at the ground floor of BSA Tower, 108 Legazpi Street Legazpi Village, Makati City. For inquiries and appointments, call 888-4819.

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