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Could This Be Why Your Brows Aren't Growing?

Who would've thought?

Having thin and sparse brows is one of the most challenging beauty problems any woman can ever face. Filling in thick brows can already be a chore, so imagine the tedious task of having to draw on your kilay every single time you do your makeup.

Women have thin brows for different reasons. Sometimes it’s genetics; other times, it could be a serious case of over-plucking. However, we just learned that this one beauty booboo could also be stunting the growth of your precious brows!

According to the Daily Makeover, overdoing your skincare and makeup—foundation, moisturizers, eye cream, sun block, serums, oils, everything!—on your brow area can clog up your hair follicles, so hair just stops growing. Yup, it’s as simple as that.

So while makeup and skincare products are usually labeled to say “avoid immediate eye area”, you should know that this also includes your brows. To fix this scary situation, let your skin breathe by taking it easy with your products and avoiding the kilay area all together.

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