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All The Pretty Hairstyles From 'Crash Landing On You'

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PHOTO: (LEFT) Netflix, (RIGHT) Instagram/hjini0810

Crash Landing On You may be over, but our obsession lives on! Seeing how our favorite (and hated) characters' lives have unfolded in 16 episodes made us feel that we exist in their world, too. Saturday and Sunday nights will never be the same.

Aside from Captain Ri's (Hyun Bin) sharp jawline and Yoon Se-ri's (Son Ye Jin) stylish outfits, we would also like to appreciate the pretty hairstyles of the ladies from CLOY. Check out our favorites below.

  1. Yoon Se-ri's 'Goodbye' Hairstyle

    Se-ri blended in a foreign land pretty well when she got this government-approved hairstyle. Fact: In North Korea, women can only choose from 15 haircuts. This rule applies to men, too.

    Courtesy of Netflix
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  2. Seo Dan's side-part hairstyle with a hair clip

    Let me just wear Seo Ji Hye's hairstyle until I get over my CLOY fever.

    Courtesy of Netflix

  3. Ko Sang-A's bob

    Yoon Ji Min cut her hair into a layered bob to appear fierce for her role as Se-ri scheming sister-in-law. We think this 'do plus her superb acting skills made us hate her character so much in the series! 

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  4. Do Hye-Ji's bob with wispy bangs

    We totally loved Hye-Ji's (Hwang Woo Seul Hye) cute short hairstyle throughout the show. Her outfits are envy-worthy, too!

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  5. Cho Ji Woo's long, straight hair

    Thanks to Ji Woo's cameo as herself, we want to grow our hair long, too.

  6. Yoon Se-ri's soft, romantic waves

    How do we do this hairstyle by ourselves? Ye Jin looks so angelic!

    Courtesy of Netflix
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You can binge-watch all 16 episodes of Crash Landing On You on Netflix.

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