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OMG This Lash Curling Technique Is Terrifying

How far would you go to curl your lashes?
PHOTO: Instagram/makeupholic_moon

Science has found that Asian lashes naturally grow downwards, which is why it’s tougher for us to get gorgeous curled lashes all day long. We enlist the help of volumizing and curling mascaras, lash perms, and even heated lash curlers in the hopes of getting curled fringes all day long.

Today, we discovered this slightly crazy, slightly genius Insta-beauty hack by makeupholic_moon, where she demonstrated a “DIY lash perm” using two lash contraptions and some tape:

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She explained that she found these odd eyelash tools at a local Asian grocery, and decided to check them out for herself. In another post, she detailed that she left the tools on for 20 minutes, which resulted in lashes that were curled all day long. But did she think it was anything special? “It is the same result as if you were to use a [sic] eyelash curler. This just happens to be hands free [sic] tool,” she wrote.

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Upon research, we found the mini eyelash curlers she used. They are sometimes used in actual lash perming—as in the one that uses chemicals to get the hair to curl—but can also work for the method that was shown in the tutorial. Find it in this website for $25.90 a pair—pretty steep for something that isn’t guaranteed to work.

How far would you go to get pretty curled lashes?

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