Cristine Reyes On Caring For Her Long, Luscious Locks

The actress and newest Pantene endorser shares how she keeps not just her crowning glory, but also her career and relationship, bouncing with life.

Many drop-dead gorgeous artistas surprisingly have super-simple beauty regimens. Take Cristine Reyes, for example. She just makes sure to take off her makeup at the end of the day. And when she wakes up in the AM, she only washes her face with water to bring out the natural oils of her skin.

She does, however, care a great deal about her hair. “Kahit walang makeup, basta maganda at may buhay hair mo, pwede ka nang pumunta kahit saan. Crowning glory siya ng lahat ng babae,” she says, proud of her lively curls.

“Super happy” to be the newest member of the Pantene family, Cristine made sure to try out the product before agreeing to endorse it. She gushes that it dramatically cut down her mane maintenance routine. From visiting the salon and having to blow-dry everyday to achieve bounce, she now just shampoos and conditions with Pantene Nature Care before walking out of the house. This busy chick considers it a big help, especially when she’s travelling and doesn’t have the time to tend to her tresses.

Her love life and career are also bouncing with joie de vivre. Having just finished the TV series Dahil sa Pag-ibig, Cristine is currently making a movie for the Metro Manila Film Festival. During her downtime, she likes to hop on a plane and go travelling with boyfriend, Rayver Cruz.  

“Just be thankful,” advises the glowing babe. “Kailangan lang maging positive ang outlook mo sa buhay at sa sarili para maganda ang bumalik sa’yo.

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