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How To Create Beach Wave Hair With A Straightening Iron

Achieving this hairstyle just got easier.
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With summer upon us, you probs want to change up your look by giving your hair some curls and waves. You can achieve this is by using a curling iron—which is the easiest and most basic way to do it. Braiding and setting the hair with clips, on the other hand, are heat-free ways to get the look. But if you do not have a curling iron and you're not into braiding, you can still create curls and waves with just a straightening iron. Read on for the steps you'll need to take to get ~*cool girl*~ strands!

What you'll need:

  • Heat protectant spray
  • A comb or hair brush
  • Clips, pins, or hair ties
  • A one-inch to one-and-a-half-inch straightening iron
  • A lightweight hair oil or serum
  • Salt or texturizing spray

Short Hair

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  1. Prep your mane. You'll be using extreme heat on your tresses, so you want every inch of them protected, especially the tips since they dry out faster. Just spray a good amount of heat protectant all over your hair and use a comb to help distribute the product. Don't forget to get rid of tangles!
  2. Section your hair. Using a clip or pin or hair tie, place one third of your hair up, leaving the ones near the nape of your neck. This way, you'll be able to properly see your tresses when you go in with a straightener. Once you're done with one section, you can move on to the rest.
  3. Clamp, twist, and let go. Take at least one-inch section of hair and clamp it between the iron plates, twist the straightener, and let go before curling the ends. Repeat this step until everything has been curled. For a more ~undone~ effect, position your iron vertically instead of horizontally.
  4. Loosen up the curls/waves to make it appear more effortless. Apply a bit of hair oil or serum for extra shine, and you're done!
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Medium Length Hair

  1. Protect your strands. Whatever hair length you have, you gotta prep, prime, and protect it with a heat protectant. If you do otherwise, it could end up feeling crunchy and looking sunog. Don't forget to brush or comb your tresses after to remove any knots and tangles.
  2. Divide your hair into sections. Start off by parting the hair behind your head down the middle to create two sections. Next, using a clip or pin, put up half of each section of tresses, resulting in a total of four sections of hair.
  3. For a more natural, I-was-born-with-hair-like this effect, alternate curling sections of your hair diagonally and horizontally. Similar to how you style short hair, you just have to clamp a section between the hot plates, twist the hair iron towards you, and pull it down. 
  4. Run your hands through the curls/waves to loosen them up. And follow it up with a few drops of hair oil or serum to make it look smoother and shinier!
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Long Hair

  1. Prepare your tresses for heat-styling by making sure it is protected from root to tip. Spray a good amount of heat protectant and brush your hair after to evenly distribute the product and remove tangles.
  2. Since you have long hair, it's important you divide it into numerous sections to ensure the heat gets evenly distributed. Clips or hair ties are your best friends for this step!
  3. Time to create some curls! Grab a section of hair, and wrap the hair around the iron, bringing it through between the plates. Clip the hair with your straightener, then slide the hair iron down. Repeat this step.
  4. Add some salt or texturizing spray to make your strands look like you just went swimming in the beach!
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