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20 Dark Blonde Hair Ideas That'll Convince You To Dye Your Hair ASAP

Trust me—you're about to see this hair color everywhere.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/kristin_ess, (RIGHT) instagram/ninezeroone

Maybe it's the weather, but I legit can't stop obsessing over dark blonde hair colors right now. Whether it's perfectly placed highlights, creamy ash blonde, or super-pretty ombre, I've seen different variations of dark blonde alllllll over my Instagram feed lately, and it's inspired me to totally switch up my look. Ahead, 20 reasons to join me in my quest for the perfect dark blonde hair color of all damn time.

  1. Gigi Hadid's Dark Honey Blonde Hue

    Gigi is pretty much the unofficial queen of Dark Blonde hair, having tried a handful of shades in the last few years. This deep, honey blonde hue is definitely one of my favorites, thanks to how pretty it looks with flushed cheeks and peach eyeshadow.

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  2. These Dark Golden Blonde Curls

    Everything about these golden blonde curls reminds me of summer, but just picture how pretty they'd be in the fall, too (you can thank the contrasting dark roots for that).

  3. This Soft, Ash Blonde Lob

    If you decide to go the cool, ash-blonde route, make sure you have a brass-neutralizing shampoo on hand.

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  4. Margot Robbie's Dark Blonde Waves

    There honestly isn't a shade of blonde that Margot hasn't experimented with, but this dreamy Dark Blonde is definitely one of her best.

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  5. These Dark Blonde Highlights

    Dark Blonde hair doesn't have to be soft and subtle, as proven by these super-pretty highlights. It's official: Dark blonde streaks look so freaking good over a light-brown base.

  6. Jourdan Dunn's Dark Blonde Bob

    Not totally sold on dark blonde hair? Take a slight departure from brown with a subtle shade like Jourdan's.

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  7. These Creamy, Dark Blonde Waves

    Brighten up your classic dark blonde shade with a few creamy, white-blonde streaks towards the front of your head.

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  8. Ashley Benson's Blonde Highlights and Dark Roots

    There's no reason to schedule monthly touchups at your salon when you go for a dark blonde shade with lived-in roots.

  9. Lucy Hale's Dark Blonde Hair with Face-Framing Highlights

    Y'all already know Lucy could pull off any hair color under the sun, but this Dark Blonde look with face-framing highlights is so ridiculously flattering (especially with defined brows).

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  10. This Dark Blonde Ombré

    In case your Insta feed hasn't already informed you, ombré hair is back in a big way this year. This sandy base with baby-blonde highlights is proof.

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  11. These Dark Blonde Braids

    There's legit no reason to be sad about summer ending when you've got the prettiest dark blonde braids of all time to carry you into the rest of the year.

  12. This Warm, Dark Blonde Hue

    Subtle tints of strawberry blonde gives this dark-blonde hair color some nice warmth and dimension (kinda like you spent a few days in the sun.)

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  13. Suki Waterhouse's Sandy Blonde Hair

    TBH, after seeing Suki's hue, I've never wanted to dye my hair sandy blonde so g'damn badly. And can we just with her contrasting brows?!

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  14. Zendaya's Dark Blonde Pixie

    Remember when Zendaya went blonde? I sure do. This blend of golden and dark blonde streaks is such a win.

  15. Jodie Comer's Dark Blonde Waves

    Take your dark blonde hair to new heights by pairing it with pastel eyeshadow.

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  16. Hailey Baldwin's Dark Blonde Highlights

    Hailey definitely teeters between light and dark-blonde shades, but these highlights are the perfect medium.

  17. These Caramel Blonde Curls

    These caramel blonde highlights offer a genius way to brighten up a neutral brown base.

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  18. Martha Hunt's Gradual Dark-Blonde Strands

    For evidence that grown-out roots can look really pretty, look no further than Martha's dark blonde hair.

  19. Olivia Wilde's Dark Yellow Blonde Hair

    Olivia's classic hair color features super-subtle tints of yellow blonde for a touch of brightness.

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  20. Sofia Richie's Contrasting Dark Blonde Highlights

    Consider Sofia's dark-blonde highlights a modern (and much-needed) update to the super-chunky streaks of the early 2000s.


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