Do Guys Really Want You to Get a Brazilian Wax?

Au naturel, trimmed, or smooth as a baby's bottom? Find out what guys really like!

Ladies, you may want to schedule your next appointment at your favorite waxing salon.

We asked our friends from FHM Philippines to post a poll asking guys how they want their ladies to groom themselves down there. The verdict: yup, they want you to get a Brazilian wax!

Half of the 100 respondents said that they prefer it when women keep their vaj clean and hairless. But don’t worry—you don’t necessarily have to take it all off to please your man. Not every girl can handle a Brazilian wax (trust us, it stings!) and there’s no shame in that. Just make sure to keep it under control by trimming from time to time.

Launch the gallery to see more results from the poll!


Okay CGs, it's time to turn the tables. Let us know how you want him "manscaped" by answering this survey:


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