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How To Bring Dry And Damaged Hair Back To Life

Get your tresses back in shape, CGs!
PHOTO: Nick Onken

Our culture is obsessed with hair right nowfrom textured waves to rainbow hair, the list goes on. But to get these looks, you often have to dry, color, and style your hair, leading to damaged, brittle locks that snap and fall off as soon as you run your hands through them (yikes!).

So to get your crowning glory ready for all the beautiful beach and bikini shots you'll be taking this season, why not try out these tips:

Use the right products

Shampoo and conditioner are neverwe repeat, never!enough. When it comes to repairing your hair, you want something *potent* like a hair mask or oil to strengthen the hair fibers and nourish them. If you're going for a hair mask, use it right after your shampoo once or twice a week. But if it's a hair oil you're going for, use it BEFORE shampooing.

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Dry your hair correctly

With the hustle and bustle of life, leaving hair to air-dry is usually never an option anymore. So what do you end up doing? Blow-drying it. But the heat from that can seriously damage your tresses over time. If you reaaaaally need to do it everyday, though, use the cool setting and utilize your electric fan, too! That 2-in-1 might even cut your drying time in half!

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Lay off the hot tools

The summer weather plus regularly using your blow-dryer contribute to your parched tresses, but the biggest one of them all is the use of hot tools. So maybe for a few days every week, just let your hair be its natural, glorious self! And if you need to pull out your trusty flat iron or curling wand, use the lowest heat setting to get the least amount of damage.

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If all else fails, get a haircut

If you feel like your hair has reached the point of no return, get a haircut! But if you don't want to massively change your 'do, just get a trim to take out all the split ends and brittle bits. You and your hair will feel better after, promise!

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