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Elisse Joson Took The Cutest IG Pics During Her Bali Trip

Cop these shots the next time you travel abroad.
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If there’s one thing we love about Elisse Joson, it’s her gorgeous travel pics. And if you’ve been keeping up with her on Instagram, you’d know that she recently went to Bali.

We’ve rounded up some of her best shots during her trip, and listed a couple of fool-proof tips on how you can achieve similar IG-worthy pics. Check them out below!

1. Take a wide, full body shot.

Take a picture that has you in the foreground, but still captures the breathtaking backdrop behind you. For a slimming effect, stand upright with one leg out. Then, angle your chin upwards and gaze far away. You’re sure to look like a forest goddess like Elisse.

2. Add a pop of color.

Using simple accessories and props makes any photo more fun and vibrant. Here, Elisse shows us that by adding pretty flowers to your hair, you can turn your simple coffee run into a moment worth posting.

3. Stand tall.

Check out how Elisse poses against the famous Tegalalang Rice Terraces of Bali. If you find yourself at a similar scenery, stand with your back to the camera, then look over your shoulder. This gives you a relaxed, but sultry look—all while showing off the lush landscape behind you.

4. Be candid.

If you’re taking a picture at a café, don’t settle for the usual flat lay. Have a friend take a photo of you eating and enjoying your food. Don’t worry if you’re already half-finished with your meal—a bit of a messy plate gives a cute, candid touch to your picture.

5. Get close up.

Show off your sun-kissed skin and natural glow. Take a headshot with your hair naturally falling off your shoulders, looking straight into the camera.

That being said, lighting and posture can only do so much. To achieve flawless shots like Elisse’s, you need to have fresh and hydrated hair to complement every element of your picture. And in a humid country like Bali, your hair can get heavy, tangled, and frizzy.

This is where Cream Silk’s Hydra Fresh Conditioner comes in. Its #IntenseButLight formula helps provide intense hydration while keeping your hair feeling unbelievably light. So whether you’re chilling at a breakfast nook or trekking up a waterfall, your hair will look hydrated, bouncy, and fresh throughout your trip.

In Bali together with #CreamSilkDestinations, Elisse tried the conditioner herself. See how effortlessly light, buoyant, and soft her hair looks:

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