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Emily Ratajkowski's DIY Layered Haircut Is Perfect For Girls Who Want A *Subtle* Makeover

'Not my best work.'
emily ratajkowski
PHOTO: Instagram/emrata

Way back when (aka lockdown two years ago), many people, including myself, took to their own devices and cut their hair at home. Or, gave haircuts to others in their household, too. Shout-out to my university housemates, I still apologise. But in our defense, it was a long time to go without a trim.

However, since the salons have opened back up (woop and yay!), the at-home salon scissors have been laid to rest. That is, all of ours bar one very famous celebrity's. Yep, Emily Ratajkowski has just given herself a haircut and documented the entire process in a TikTok video.

Now, you may be thinking, well, quite frankly 'WHY, EMILY?!'. After all, she does have access to the world's best hairdressers (the lifestyles of the rich and the famous, ey?), so why attempt to master a technique that people train years for? Well, in very few words, she explains: "OK, we are going to the beach and I want to give myself an extra layer in my hair". Then, before we even have a chance to digest what been said, Em goes in for the first snip.


I know you cant tell a difference at the end ????‍??

? original sound - Emrata

After a few (completely understandable and relatable) gasps, she says: "Is this insane? Am I being crazy? Definitely". Cue the adrenaline rush decline.

After a brief interruption from her adorable son, she continues to cut away at her locks and pointing to the front face-framing layers, says: "We have to be fast. I think I'm going to do [...] like even that out a bit".

"So, I've cut hair before, this is not my best work but you know, it's a start, it's a moment".

And tbh, it is a moment. Although the change isn't too noticeable (as she says herself in the caption of the vid), we think she's done a pretty good job!

But I guess I'm no hairdresser, so, we'll leave the judgment up to the professionals...

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