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Get Great Hair Now With Doable Expert Tips!

If you want a new look for 2011, top hair stylist Borge Aloba shares simple tips on how to get fab tresses.

Walking out of the salon gives us instant validation that we feel and look phenomenal--at least until we take a shower and, alas, it's back to reality.

For a good part of last year, we’ve managed to solve our deepest problems and dilemmas with integrity. However, up until now, there lies the great mystery: how on earth do we get the just-walked-out-of-the-salon look whenever we walk out of the house--like, everyday?

So I asked one of my co-hosts, L’Oreal Professionnel head stylist and Lifestyle Network’s F.A.S.H. hair extraordinaire Borge Aloba, to share his top actually do-able tips for great looking hair, every time. Here's what he shared with me:

1. “Stop obsessing about straight hair if you're not naturally born with it. Embrace your real hair texture and enhance it.”

True, the grass is always greener on the other side. But if you learn how to work with your hair and not against it, you can end up with great results.

Curly-haired gals should dry their hair with a diffuser, which usually comes together with a blow-dryer or can be bought separately. Simply place your towel-dried hair on the diffuser, and allow it to dry without having to comb it, to avoid frizz.

Straight hair is not always sexy. Chemically straightened hair is merely dead hair. Yes folks, chemicals kill your strands so they lay limp, a.k.a., straight. This only means unhealthy-looking hair. Remember: Men love the look of healthy, not just long hair!

2. “Never rub shine serum on the top portion of your scalp, by the roots!”

Less is more. The objective is for hair to look shiny, light, and healthy--not greasy, heavy, and lacking in cleanliness, a.k.a. a shower! You only need a drop to run through your hair, mid-shaft down and toward the ends.

3. “Adding some bangs can instantly change your look without being too drastic.”

Chopping hair off can be a seriously traumatic experience if it goes wrong. So start small, like adding bangs. Bangs can also hide a big forehead (just check out Tyra Banks), slim down a chubby face, and add more angles to a round face.

4. “Rather than go to your trusted hairstylist, try going to a new, reputable salon and allow them to draw inspiration from you without your input. Let their creative juices flow and you just might love the fash results!”

Definitely, we all have our comfort zone that provides results we love, but then again, we’ll never know how far our looks could actually go if we don’t take a risk, right? What we see in ourselves is way too different from what others see in us. So, with a leap of faith, hairstylists can do their magic if we just allow them to! Besides, ladies, hair will always grow back!

5. “The right hair color can do wonders for our appearance so forget plastic surgery!”

I’ve shared this tip some time ago that supermodel Cindy Crawford swears by hair color, rather than a scalpel, to revive her look. Personally, as someone who colors her hair perpetually, I strongly support Borge's tip. For as long as it’s the right color (and cut) for you, your face can be transformed beautifully--and painlessly!

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