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Get Inspired To Let Your Hair Down Thanks To This Hair Product

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Never underestimate the power of beautiful, luscious locks. Our hair is called the crowning glory for a reason: because it creates a lot of difference in terms of a person’s appearance.

Hair maintenance can sometimes be challenging, especially when you’re confused about where to start. For example, perhaps you became a fan of constant heat styling, coloring, and perming, which might have damaged your hair. Such treatments can cause dry, frizzy hair and split ends. In addition, unwanted hair damage can be demotivating. However, beautiful hair is always achievable as long as you have the right product and hair care habits to go along with it!

Hair moves as we go making it easily noticeable. So, it is only apt that it receives some extra TLC. We’ve rounded up different beauty influencers who shared why they’re giving the best care to their hair with the help of Dove Straight & Silky Keratin Tri-Silk Serum. You might just get inspired to revive and nourish your locks.

Here’s why they trust this shampoo to flaunt their crowning glory confidently!

It makes your hair extra nourished.

Thanks to its upgraded formula, it has Amino Essence to boost hair health and deeply nourish it. Comedian Aryn Cristobal approves Dove Straight & Silky as her extra hair care partner. “I style and color my hair often, so taking care of it is extra important. I use #DoveKeratinSerum, so my hair doesn’t end up dry and limp.”

@arynkingking I style and color my hair every so often so taking care of it is extra important. I use #DoveKeratinSerum so that my hair doesn’t end up dry and limp. I love being a #DoveGirl! Join the #DoveGirlMovement ? Dove Girl Moves - Dove Philippines

It tames frizzy hair.

Content Creator Rae Olives believes hair that slays begins with great care. She raved about how this new shampoo tames stiff and frizzy hair. “No more matampuhing hair.”

@raeolives Hair that slays starts with good care! — Get that extra straight, extra smooth and extra shiny hair with the new Dove Shampoo with Keratin Tri-Silk! No more matampuhing hair! Come and join the #DoveGirl movement! ?#dovegirlmovement ? Dove Girl Moves - Dove Philippines

It makes your hair extra straight and shiny.

Model Jamie Casiño shows off her shiny, straight hair in her Dove Girl moves entry. Dove Straight & Silky Tri-Silk Serum has a triple action formula combining Keratin, Keratin Repair Actives, and Serum Ingredients that instantly repairs roughness and dryness, making hair straighter, shinier, and silkier.

@thejamiecasino Iba talaga ang alagang Dove! Join the #DoveGirlMovement now! #fyp #Dovegirl ? Dove Girl Moves - Dove Philippines

Join the Dove Girl Movement

Nothing compares to seeing hair in motion, bouncing as we walk, run, or move. So make your hair your statement by joining the Dove Girl Movement. Upload an upbeat video to the official sound of Dove Girl Moves on TikTok!

Here are other influencers proving why straight, silky, and shiny hair can be liberating.

@rica.salomon Love how my hair moves with the #DoveKeratinSerum ! I’m a #DoveGirl and I love it! Join the #DoveGirlMovement ? Dove Girl Moves - Dove Philippines
@eyavanana I love how #DoveKeratinSerum took it to the next level by taking care of my hair. ? Join the #DoveGirlMovement #DoveGirl ? Dove Girl Moves - Dove Philippines

Shop the new Dove Straight and Silky Tri-Silk Serum online via Shopee, Lazada, or UStore. Follow Dove on Facebook for more info.

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