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Gigi Hadid Gets Bangs, Looks Gorgeous AF

Run to your hairstylist, stat!

Damn Gigi! Back at it again with the gorgeous red carpet hairstyle! The 20-year-old supermodel debuted her new fringe at the 2016 MTV Movie Awards and man, does she look GOOD:

No one is 100% sure if Gigi’s hair is for real and not just a wig. But we're hoping it's authentic AF because it really does suit her. Ugh, running to our hairstylist to cop this look, stat.

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Back in November, Gigi surprised everyone when she arrived at the American Music Awards with a very short bob, which turned out to be just a very convincing wig. Gigi, it's a bit too late for an April's Fools joke, if that's what you're trying to do here!

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