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Girls With Dry Hair Are Starting To Do This Simple Trick

Just like the rest of your body, your scalp needs some TLC, too.
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Did you know that a well-moisturized and hydrated scalp is the secret to getting thick and gorgeous hair? Contrary to popular belief, a visit to the salon is not the only way to achieve your #hairgoals. Case in point: These super easy tricks that are guaranteed to help you achieve shiny hair—whether you’re curly or straight.

Eat superfoods.

Not everyone is blessed with a full head of healthy hair, but you can certainly eat your way to it. Superfoods like carrots, walnuts, and avocados are packed with vitamins A, C, and iron, all of which help strengthen your roots and speed up cell regeneration.

Get regular trims.

There’s no real cure for split ends, except for a fresh new chop. Schedule an appointment with a trusted hairstylist every two to three months to trim dry ends.

Use hair tools correctly.

Damaged hair is often caused by the hot tools you use regularly, so when drying your hair, use an absorbent microfiber towel instead of a blow dryer. If you find yourself using styling tools to combat bad hair days (read: tame flyaways), use a soft-bristled brush to minimize breakage.

Streamline your hair care routine.

Using multiple products in an attempt to keep your hair healthy could be doing more harm than good. Slathering on heavy masks not only weighs your hair down, but also creates a buildup of product on the scalp that inhibits healthy hair growth. No thanks!

Pick hair products carefully.

Not all products are created equally. Some treatments strip off the scalp of its natural oils, aggravating dryness and flakiness. We recommend switching to scalp-targeted products that combat dandruff while hydrating the hair.

Look for products with argan oil.

Argan oil is fast becoming a staple in every beauty girl’s bathroom cabinet for good reason: The all-around oil helps moisturize the hair and relieve dry scalp.

Moroccan Argan Crème is found in Head & Shoulders’ Supreme Moisture and Smooth Shampoo and Conditioner—it hydrates and restores hair back to its healthy shine. The scalp-targeted line also contains zinc pyrithione, which helps remove dandruff. 

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