Goody Doublewear: Accessories That Are Functional And Stylish

Rock these fab bracelets and necklaces that also do the job of taming your hair!

Don't you just hate how your hair frizzes and gets unmanageable towards the end of the day? In the morning they behave themselves, thanks to our trusty blow dryer, hair iron, and anti-frizz products. But no matter what we do, the humidity later gets to our strands, and they start acting up like unruly children.

This is why we girls always have our faithful black bands and hair ties wrapped around our wrists. Whenever the frizziness gets too much to bear or when we just can't stand the heat of our tropical country any more, up our hair goes! However, while our reliable black bands and elastics do the job of keeping our hair in place, we don't exactly look like fashion icons wearing those nondescript strips on our wrists.

Luckily, hair brands have noticed this little problem and have set out to rectify the dilemma. One brand that has stepped up to the plate is Goody, with their new collection of Doublewear products. The Doublewear collection offers two main products: the Goody Doublewear 2-in-1 Ponytailer and Bracelet and the Goody Doublewear 2-in-1 Headwrap and Necklace. Both come in gold and silver.

The Doublewear Ponytailer and Bracelet is especially on-trend--check any fashion site or magazine and you'll see that "arm parties" are all the rage! Stylish ladies love to pile on many different bracelets on their arm, making the Ponytailer and Bracelet the perfect addition. But unlike your other arm candy, this one is actually functional!

Launch the gallery to view photos of the Goody Doublewear 2-in-1 Ponytailer and Bracelet and the 2-in-1 Headwrap and Necklace. And start stacking these up on your arm or neck, stat!

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Goody Doublewear products are available in all major department stores.

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