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Sparse Brows? Thicken Them With Your Actual Hair!

Well, why not?!
PHOTO: YouTube/Stephanie Lange

Sparse-browed sisters, you need to see this! Vlogger Stephanie Lange recounts the story of how as a teen, she went overboard plucking her brows, leaving her with thin, barely there kilay. Despite trying every single brow product known to mankind, she was never fully satisfied—until now!

In this video, she explains how she initially thought of using false lashes to bulk up her brows—except that black falsies wouldn’t exactly match her blonde tresses. Well, why not the hair on her head then?! Stephanie took on the daunting task of trimming the ends of her hair, then carefully using a tweezer and eyelash glue to stick them on one strand at a time.

While the end product seems a bit messy (hello, dried-up bits of glue), the overall effect is actually very natural. Don’t discount this method just yet, especially if you have some time on your hands!

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