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6 Coleen Garcia-Approved Ways To Switch Up Your Hair When You Want A Subtle Change

Yes to "Milk Tea" hair!
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Going for a subtle change in your look is a smart way to dip your toes into a trend. You can easily switch back to your old look if things don’t work out—or you can smoothly transition to something bolder. But honestly, when it comes to hair, a small change is enough to make a strong, IG-worthy statement. Coleen Garcia is a pro at this, and here’s how to be one too:

1. Go for a lob.

If you’re not sure about getting a jaw-grazing cut, settle for a cute, low-maintenance lob. It looks sleek when you have super straight hair, and chic when you curl the locks to form beachy waves.

2. Play with pins.

Ponytails stop looking basic when you style them with colored pins. The fun shapes and statement lines you can create will spice up your look a bit more. You can even match the look with pins to your outfit; Coleen’s metallic pins really add to the gorgeous galactical vibe of her silver dress.

3. Secure your ponytail with a ribbon.

A dark-colored ribbon keeps the hairstyle sophisticated and stylish. Coleen’s emerald bow makes her micro bangs and her earrings the focal point, so she looks more fun and edgy. Keep the ponytail low to stay modern.

4. Get curtain bangs.

Unsure about getting a fringe? Try long bangs. Part them in the middle to give you more of a V-shaped face and an overall laid-back look, or pin them to the side if you want to keep them off your face.

5. Try micro-bangs

If you’re used to full bangs and are looking for ways to experiment, why not cut your bangs a bit shorter? To avoid coming off too strong or looking dated, use brow powder to give yourself straight brows. They’ll complement your bangs really well.

6. Try "Milk Tea" hair.

If you’re not ready to go blonde, try a caramel hue, a balayage, or the "Milk Tea" hair trend. Having a mix of warm and cool tones against a dark base is a subtle yet stylish way to try a new hair color.

The best part about trying small hair changes is getting to explore different styles without giving up your signature look. For easier styling without signs of hair fall, add Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner to your daily shower routine. It’s formulated with advanced hair reborn technology to help reduce signs of hair fall caused by breakage. Make that change without fear of hair fall by shopping the Cream Silk Hair Fall Defense Conditioner on Lazada and Shopee.

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