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Hair Tips For Days When You Just Can't Even

Fight the frizz in 5 minutes!
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We dared models Michelle Panemanglor, Hye Won Jang, Samantha Gomez, and Kirst Viray to style their hair in five minutes. Do you think they can do it? Watch the first episode of #CosmoHairIn5Minutes below!

While the models revealed that styling their hair under five minutes wasn't easy, they did share some hacks that might make it easier for you guys for days when you just can't even.

Sam's Tip: Beautiful hair starts with a healthy scalp!

Sam says that beautiful hair starts with a clean scalp, so it's important to find the right shampoo and conditioner that do their job in terms of keeping your crown clean, dandruff-free, and fabulously frizz-free. When the weather is changing constantly, you'll also be more prone to dandruff and frizzy hair, so those are the days when you really have to be particular about your hair care routine and you can't skip cleaning and conditioning.

Michelle's Tip: Save yourself from styling too much.

Michelle, who was hailed as the Ford Supermodel of the World Philippines in 2006, admits she's not a pro at styling her own hair. But because the model has naturally smooth and silky hair, she still looked totally fab at the end of the challenge. Michelle says one of her major secrets is that she keeps herself from styling too much on low days to maintain a healthy head of hair. 

Hye Won's Tip: Give your hair a break.

Hye Won, one of Cosmopolitan Magazine's 8 Sexiest in 2014, has her hair styled with heat and a bunch of hair products to keep them glam for her job but all that can cause breakage and dullness on her strands. So when she isn't at a shoot or at a show, the model admits she just lets her hair be by not using too many hair products except for the basics, like shampoo or conditioners, that works double-duty for her long hair.


Kirst's Tip: Make it work!

Kirst, who's one of this year's COSMOMEN Centerfolds, says he learned a lot about hair styling by watching how professional stylists do it. At the end of the challenge, we asked him if he think they all pulled it off, and he declared, "Mas maganda yung akin kaysa sa kanila." 

All of the challengers agreed: The key to nailing smooth and shiny hair is by keeping it healthy and dandruff free. And Head & Shoulders Smooth & Silky can do the trick! The shampoo and conditioner is every girl and guy's fix!

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