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Hairstyles Every Girl Should Try For Key Moments In Her Life

Look fab for every awesome (and not so awesome) scenario.

For Seeing Your Ex

Is he going to be at the party? Sexy, Victoria’s Secret waves will make him sorry. Don’t forget the hair flip.

For A Job Interview

A chic bun never fails to make you look competent and smart. Plus, you can easily let it loose for celebratory cocktail with the girls right after!

For A Breakup

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You’re newly single, so we suggest you stay away from drastic cuts and change your hair color first to lighten up your vibe. Tip: Honey brown hues are awesome.

For A Promotion

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Go for the power bob. It’s the hottest style for a gal who’s working her way to the top. Your celeb pegs here! 

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For Getting Hitched

Ya…you’re going to want to grow out your strands so you can play with whatever coif style you want for the big day. But don’t worry, you can always chop off your locks right after the wedding.

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