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Here Are 7 Health And Beauty Trends You Need To Keep Up With, ASAP!

Apparently, it's all about fit bods and healthy hair this year!
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1. Gym Skin

Colorful, intense makeup will always be there but makeup artists suggest a fresh, just-got-out-of-the-gym face with flushed cheeks and rosy lips. 

2. Functional Fitness

This good (and cheap) exercise trend is everything you’ll need to be fit despite a busy schedule. Functional Fitness is all about muscle training inspired by the little things you do everyday like picking up something from the floor or sitting and standing up. 

3. Bold, Dark Lips

Another makeup trend we’re totally loving this year? Bold, red lips in different shades. The color to try for 2015 is plum, which looks awesome on mestizas and morenas. 

4. Wearable Fitness Tech

Find out how many steps you’ve been taking, how many calories you’re burning, and even how fast you heart is beating, just by wearing a bracelet. 

5. Boho Waves

What’s big this year, aside form living a fit life, is having healthy, wavy hair. To achieve the boho look, just wash your hair with shampoo (much like our Fab Find, Head and Shoulders), braid it before you sleep and let it dry so you can unravel cool waves in the morning! 

6. Anti-Aging Skin Care

Beauty trends are moving in favor of multi-functional products like makeup with anti-aging properties so you can look beautiful 24/7! 

7. Effortless Hair

The key to the perfect #JustWokeUpLikeThis mane is well-shampooed and air-dried hair. We recommend trying Head and Shoulders which is perfect for any kind of style. Click here to buy this Fab Find on Zalora.

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