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Here's How Pinays Should Keep Their Colored Hair Healthy

If you want to prolong your hair color, shampoo less!

1. Get it professionally done. If you’re going for styles such as ombré or bold colors such as red or blonde, a professional colorist will give you a pre-conditioning treatment, a high quality coloring job, and will make sure you won’t get a botched scalp. Since most Pinays are born with naturally dark hair, you will need more than just one solid color. A pro can give you layers of different shades to let your black regrowth blend well with your colored mane.

2. Water is the enemy. According to a hair report by Good Housekeeping, “As much as 80 percent of color fade is caused by water alone, not shampooing or scrubbing.” Plan your hair coloring appointment when you know you’re not hitting the beach or pool that month. Most hairstylists will tell you to avoid washing your hair for 24 hours after the coloring job, but for strong colors like red, 48 hours is best. Avoid getting drenched in the rain; it will not only make your color fade faster, you will also see droplets of hair dye staining your white shirt!


3. Shampoo less. One of the biggest sacrifices hair coloring addicts make is shampooing less frequently. Pick your interval—shampoo every other day, every two days, or only every three days. For shampoo-free days, tie your hair into a bun and cover it with a shower cap to avoid drenching your hair while you take a bath.

4. Use color care shampoo and conditioner. For those days you do wash your hair, pick a color care formula that’s gentle on your colored mane. Use color care products for at least one month after coloring. Regular shampoo and conditioner will easily strip off the colors.

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5. Stay away from clarifying shampoo. According to Matrix, clarifying shampoo has high levels of detergent in order to deep cleanse and remove build-up of dirt and hairstyling products, so avoid using it unless it’s right before you have your hair colored.

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6. Embrace dry shampoos. Avoiding shampoo and water doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice your hygiene, CGs! For those in-between, no-shampoo days, use dry shampoo on your mane and scalp to get rid of excess oils and grime.

7. Avoid heat, especially during the first few days to weeks upon coloring. We’re talking about direct sunlight and heated hair tools that will make your hair color fade faster. Even hot water is a culprit, so make sure you take a shower with cooler water.

8. Use sunblock for the hair. If you really can’t help but hit the great outdoors with your freshly dyed mane, protect it the way you’d protect your skin from the sun’s UV rays. Don a wide-brimmed hat or spray on some hair sunblock (yes, they exist!).

9. Beware of chemicals like sulfates and chlorine. Worse than shampooing right after a coloring job is swimming in a chlorinated pool. It will not only make your hair fade fast (and leave color in the pool… eep!), it will also get damaged and brassy when you step out of the water. For the first few weeks after your coloring job, avoid swimming pools altogether, unless you’re willing to just wade until your waist or chest area. As for sulfates, they’re the main ingredients in most consumer shampoo brands, even those that claim to be color-safe. Your best picks are high-end hair care brands that are sulfate-free.


10. Go for treatments at least twice a month. Look for salon hair care products that specifically target colored or chemically-treated hair. Have the treatment done at the parlor, or to save a little money, just purchase the whole bottle and go DIY at home.

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