Here's How To Achieve Sexy Beach Waves Minus The Damage

Heatless beach waves? Easy!

The waters and the sand may be your favorite playgrounds this season, but the sun, salt, and chlorine won’t be doing your hair any favors. Here, easy tips on how you can get sexy beach waves without the heat damage.

Straight Hair

Your hair has trouble holding a curl, so you need a little more prep time to make sure your waves last. Before going to bed, divide your hair into four to six sections and twist them into small buns. Secure each bun with an elastic or a clip. When you wake up, undo your baby buns, then lightly spritz some hair spray as you scrunch the curls up with your fingers. Make sure to avoid putting too much product on your hair so you don’t weigh your locks down and flatten your beach-ready sexy waves.

Wavy Hair

Lucky girl! You already have a good base to work with. When your hair is damp, simply twist it into a high bun and secure it with bobby pins. Undo the bun after an hour, then gently run your fingers through the waves to loosen them up.

Curly Hair

The challenge for curly-haired Pinays is to define your fab curls while fighting dryness and frizz at the same time. After you shower, avoid rubbing a towel against your hair; the friction will roughen your hair’s cuticles, which will result in frizzy curls when your hair dries. Instead, gently squeeze and dab your hair with a towel and comb out any knots. The result? Defined, smooth waves!

Pro tip: If you hate the dry hair you get after a swim, try applying the new limited edition Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner before taking a dip. Condition from the hair root to the tip, and you’ll have smooth and moisturized hair even after spending hours under the sun, swimming in the ocean.

Pantene UV Rescue 3 Minute Miracle Conditioner is best used with Pantene UV Rescue Shampoo. This duo will be your BFF and summer essential.

By avoiding hot styling tools and by using products that protect and moisturize your hair, you’ll have strong, beautiful locks all through the summer.

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