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Here's How You Can Get Hilary Duff's Hair, According To Hilary


ICYMI: Hilary Duff is no longer blonde!

The former Cosmo cover girl dyed her tresses teal after she "felt a little wild," she told The actress was on vacation in Mexico and randomly thought, "I wanna dye my hair a crazy color." And she did it the next day! 

Hil was never the type to experiment with hair—she's had long, blonde locks since her Lizzie McGuire days. But she did briefly go brunette in 2012.

Hilary just said to dye your hair if you feel like it, but says, "I recommend not going for a shocking shade. Like mine's a little bit washed out." She adds, "The nice thing [about my hair] is that it's more of a stain, so it's not damaging. Unless you bleach it."

What do you think: To teal or not to teal?


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