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Here's Why You Should Stop Shampooing After A Workout

And other hair-related concerns!

The hair extraordinaire himself, Kevin Murphy (who's styled the likes of Vanessa Hudgens, Heidi Klum, Rose Byrne, and Miranda Kerr) gives the hair facts you need to know.

You should do a deeply-penetrating hair mask every two weeks.

We already knew we should do hair treatments regularly, but Kevin laid down the law when it comes to how often and why, and it turns out we should be doing a deeply penetrating mask every two weeks because other masks are superficial.

"Your hair doesn't absorb like the skin absorbs so if you change your diet or drink a glass of water you can rehydrate your skin, but your hair only loses moisture. So unless you're putting something on it every fortnight, your hair is going to get drier all the time. You need to use a mask that's considered deeply penetrating otherwise they don't really go that far. These masks have a high amount of protein, and your hair needs protein as it needs to absorb moisture like your skin does."

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Skincare ingredients work for your hair.

Not only does our hair need protein like our skin, but Kevin also discovered just how well skincare products work on your hair because of the smaller molecular size, which is exactly why he's formulated his products in a certain way.

"What I found [on shoots] was, I was reaching for the makeup bag, using body lotions, using skin toners, and I was getting a better effect on the hair using those and I was thinking, 'Why don’t I just make skincare into haircare?' I spoke to a friend of mine who is a biochemist and I said 'Why is it when I put haircare on, it goes heavy and greasy and when I put skin care on it's really light?' He said it has a smaller molecular size. So I thought, 'Why don't I just use skin care ingredients and put them into the hair?'"

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You should stop washing your hair after a workout.

Kevin says to quit shampooing your hair post-gym. "I think that when women go to the gym, they believe their hair is greasy, but it's just sweat which is just water, so don't think you have to wash it straight away. I wouldn't blow-dry it, I'd let it dry it naturally, and always carry a purse pack of either dry shampoo or some sort of volumizing powder."

There's also a proper theory behind those tangles.

Tangled hair forms because of electricity. So put your science hat on to swallow this, people.

"A silk pillow case is the best thing to have because cotton crushes the hair. The cotton holds on to the hair, grips it and pulls it out of the roots. Leave-in conditioner is also really good. Make sure you’re not using any plastic bristles because plastic creates electricity and tangles are created by negative and positive charges. The negative and positive charges rub together and the hair gets tangled. So if you’re using anything plastic, you need to throw it out and use pure boar, or a bone or resin comb. We've got one and it's called POM, and it's the type of plastic they use when they're reconstructing joints and it doesn't contain any static or electric charge.”

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See. Kevin's hair is full of secrets. 


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