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How I Safely Dyed My Hair From Blonde To Brunette

It was about time.
PHOTO: (LEFT) Nikko Tuazon, (RIGHT) Mixi Ignacio

I dyed my hair blonde in 2016. I was bored with my look, so I was itching for a makeover. I wanted to go all out and thought that it was the perfect time to experiment with really light hair color.

And so I did. My strands were dyed bronde first, because I couldn't tolerate the pain of having bleach on my scalp for a long time. I was satisfied with my ~new~ look, thinking that I could tick off being blonde on my bucket list.

As the touch-up salon appointments increased, I noticed my hair turn lighter and lighter, which I loved. I then found myself being obsessed with any product that says "sulfate-free"—I hoarded hair masks and dry shampoos for my high-maintenance hair. I lived like this for almost four years. Until one day, I decided that I wasn't happy with the upkeep anymore.

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Being blonde is expensive, and it changes your life. Apart from the expensive hair care products, I had to plan workouts around the days I could wash my hair, and I had to make sure my makeup was always bold (think colored liners, defined brows, and bright lipstick), because otherwise, I would look washed out. Almost four years of #LaVieEnBlonde was too much for me.

I knew letting the roots grow out will look unattractive, so I had to color them still. TBH, I could just easily DIY it by applying brown box dye, but I didn't trust my skills (and patience). I consulted Ariel Abanag of The Bloc By Junie Sierra Salon to help me gradually go back into being a brunette without looking tacky. Here's what he did:

Instead of dyeing everything in a singular shade, he swept a chocolate brown color on my regrowth vertically so it could seamlessly blend with my bleached tresses. As for the remaining blonde strands, a neutral-toned brown was applied. It appeared like a subtle ombré. It took him and his team two and a half hours to *fix* my current hair situation.

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The results: I look like a new person, LOL! But really, after having bleached locks for a long time, seeing myself with dark hair is a big change for me. I love that you can't tell the exact spot where my locks were previously blonde. Ariel also added layers to my hair to give my tresses bounce and body.

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As for my haircare routine, I no longer get worried about my color fading easily, but I still use sulfate-free products. After all, my mane still went through a chemical treatment.

The Bloc By Junie Sierra Salon is located at Lower Ground Floor, C2 Building, 28th Ave Cor. 7th Ave, Bonifacio High Street.

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