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Want Side Bangs? Here's How You Can Do It By Yourself

Try side bangs if you want something different.
How cut side bangs
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Gen Z TikTok is obsessed with curtain bangs, but if you want something different, we highly suggest you try its classic counterpart: Side bangs! Yep, the favorite fringe style of millennials. But this time, side bangs are less emo, more face-framing.

Have we gotten your attention? Read more about side bangs here.

What's the difference between side bangs and curtain bangs?

Curtain bangs are parted in the middle, with the hair softly cascading on both sides. Side bangs, on the other hand, are focused on one side: usually where your preferred hair part is. (READ: Which Side Should You *Really* Part Your Hair, According To A Hairstylist)

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What face shape do side bangs look good on?

It depends on a lot of factors. Side bangs look good on most face shapes, but how the fringe is cut, plus its length matter. Here, Selena Gomez, our round-face shape champion, looks so fab with side bangs.

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Are side bangs low-maintenance?

Generally speaking, all bangs require regular trims, especially when your hair grows at a fast speed. Unlike curtain bangs, you won't need to blow-dry or wear rollers to style side bangs. Side bangs are basically wash-and-wear.

How To Cut Side Bangs At Home

We recommend heading to the salon to get side bangs, but if you want to stay at home, save money, and practice your haircutting skills, try these tutorials we found.

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(Ed's note: Please watch the video many times and equip yourself with the right tools before proceeding.)

How To Cut Side Bangs

Know the basics of cutting bangs, including how to create the "triangle" subsection, the key factor needed to get a salon-worthy fringe.

How to Cut Side Bangs

How To Trim Side Bangs

You can save on salon trips and maintain your pretty side bangs with this tutorial.

How To Trim Side Bangs

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