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How To Cut Your Bangs At Home


Take a deep breath.

Ask yourself, “Do I really want to do this? Or am I just having one of my ~*mOmEnTs*~?” Cutting your own bangs is a big deal, and you have to be sure you're not doing this out of impulse.

Gather your materials.

Be sure to use proper hairstyling shears which are readily available at the beauty section of any department store. You're looking for scissors with a sharp and pointed tip. Prepare a comb, hair ties, and a mirror, too.

Put your hair up.

Pull back your hair to a high ponytail or bun and leave your bangs hanging in front of your face. Make sure your hair is completely dry, because hair tends to be longer when wet. If you snip your bangs while wet, you might end up cutting them way too short. Oh, and don't forget to comb your bangs flat before you pick up those scissors!


Do it slowly.

Cutting your bangs isn't a race. So cut slowly—making sure that you snip small lengths of hair first. You don't want to chop off a full inch in one go.

Cut at an angle.

Be sure to trim your bangs at an angle to create softer edges, just like how your favorite hairdresser does it at the salon. The best way to trim them is to start from the middle first, then work your way outwards.

Check to see if it’s even.

Once you’re happy with your bangs, use your fingers to move your fringe around to see if the length is even.

Clean it up.

Now that you’re completely happy with your newly-trimmed bangs, use a clean fluffy makeup brush to remove excess hairs off your face.

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