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How to Deal With Your Hair When Humidity Happens

Don't stray from this frizz-free advice.

Q: My hair has a mind of its own when it's humid out, causing it to be a ball of frizz. How can I keep it under control?

A: Here's the deal: If your hair has any kind of natural texture and you're trying to keep it frizz-free or straight, any moisture in the humid air will cause it to slowly revert back to its natural curly or wavy state and most likely frizz up.

The trick to controlling frizz and keeping your hair from puffing up is targeting the problem in the shower with the right shampoo and conditioner. "You'll want to use a lightweight moisturizing formula that will inject your hair with the hydration it needs so that it doesn't soak up excess from the humid air," Ammon Carver, a celebrity hairstylist in NYC, says.

After you've layed a solid frizz-fighting foundation with the right shampoo and conditioner, while your hair is still damp you're going to want to use a lightweight serum or oil. These formulas help control flyways since the dimethicone in serums and the oils they contain act as a repellant to the humidity. Again, depending on your hair texture, apply it from the mid-length to your ends if your hair is fine, and from roots to ends if your hair is textured or on the thicker side.

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Once you've applied the necessary stylers to your hair, it's time to seal the cuticle, which will help lock the hydration in from the previous products you used and keep any humidity out. The easiest way to do that is to use a boar bristle brush while directing the heat from your blow dryer downward toward your ends (this helps the cuticle lay flat compared to rough drying without a brush, which can ruffle the cuticle and result in flyaways), and then hitting your hair with a cool shot of air all over to seal the cuticle. Just remember to make sure your hair is 100 percent dry, since hair is less resistant to humidity if it's still damp before you step out the door.

Then, after you've styled your hair to your liking with the hot tool of your choice, use a super-fine, anti-frizz aerosol hairspray to lock in your style. Using a non-aerosol spritz could reintroduce moisture into your hair again, causing you to be more susceptible to frizz, which you don't want.

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Voila! Prepare to be frizz-free and ***flawless!


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