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How To Get Your Curls To Last All Day Long


Start with dirty hair

Freshly shampooed and conditioned hair is generally harder to style because it’s too smooth. If you feel dyahe about not washing your hair before styling, use your cleansing shampoo and ditch your conditioner entirely.

Use styling mousse

Apply a generous amount of mousse on your tresses and then let it dry. The alcohol content in the product will help suck out moisture from your hair, making it easier to style and hold curls better.

Apply a heat protecting spray

This is a step many women forget to do, but it is absolutely necessary. Heat protecting sprays will save your locks from the damage that inevitably happens when you use hot tools. Spray on your locks from the midsection down to the ends after styling.

Regulate the heat

Scalding hot tools will “fry” your hair—which is not sexy at all. It’s better to keep your curling iron’s setting at low, because that will be enough to hold that curl.

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Pin it down

This is the most important step! After you curl a section of your hair, slide out your iron and clip the coil of hair onto your head using hair pins. Keep it pinned until you finish your entire head and take out the clips when you're about to leave. When you let your hair down while it’s still hot, you’ll lose the curl faster.

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Shake it out

Once you’re ready, take out the pins and let your hair down. Run your fingers through your tresses to loosen the curls. Don’t worry if they’re too tight for your liking, because they will loosen up eventually.

Use a texturizing spray

Ditch the hairspray and spritz on a texturizing spray to your hair instead. Hairspray has the tendency to weigh down your hair and let your curls drop.   

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