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How To Have A Successful Career + Personal Life, According To Kryz Uy

This blogger, businesswoman, and bride-to-be knows a thing or two about work-life balance.
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With her successful blog, memoir, accessory collection under her belt and being in the thick of preparations for her upcoming wedding, Kryz Uy is living her best life yet. How does she juggle all her passions and still manage to look so good? She let us in on her secrets during her talk at the Cosmo Beauty Block held on August 25. Here’s what we learned:

1. Make time for your passion projects.

Your day job may keep you busy, but having a passion project is important because it allows you to explore your strengths, interests, and talents. It’s something born out of your own interests, and it’ll help keep you curious, fulfilled, and satisfied. Because of her passion for fashion, Kryz Uy uses her influence to promote local design and artistry—she's even built an advocacy-business that benefits local artisans: February Lifestyle is an accessory brand that features local jewelry crafted by women in Cebu.

2. Figure out your signature style.

Kryz recommends having a go-to style for fashion and beauty because it’s a great way to express your personality, and it helps define your identity. In fact, she’s mastered different hairstyles that finish off her signature look. Styling your hair is one of the easiest ways you can streamline your look, and Kryz recommends mastering a go-to hairstyle that you can execute quickly and easily. “You can have slick, straight hair, or you can straighten it out but curl the ends,” she suggests.

3. Never neglect your appearance.

The way you look can affect how you feel. A cute outfit or a glam makeup look can keep your mood up for the entire day, helping you stay motivated. Something that helps Kryz get—and keep—going is having perfectly styled hair. “I believe in looking on point from head to toe. You need to take care of everything! If your hair is buhaghag, you won’t slay your look completely no matter how fab the outfit is.”

A beauty secret she shared during her talk was sticking to one hair care brand. She’s been using Cream Silk since college and it has helped her hair withstand all the dyeing and bleaching that she’s done to it.

4. Go for hard-working products.

Using double-duty products can effectively save time, giving you the chance to spend more of it on other things. To minimize the number of things she juggles in a day—and to help her look her best—Kryz uses Cream Silk Triple Keratin Rescue, a conditioner that contains three treatments in one bottle. The conditioner has Keratin Relaxers to tame frizzy locks, Keratin Serum to strengthen strands, and Keratin Essence to revitalize dull hair.

5. Don’t be pressured by #FeedGoals.

In a world where people post photos and stories for likes and comments, Kryz doesn’t believe in leading a fake social media life. “Be yourself! I know that sounds obvious, but you really need to remember that. It’s important to be true to yourself no matter what you’re doing.” Having your own personal brand and keeping it authentic will inspire people to trust in your character and your work, and this will be important in the long run.

6. Prioritize your personal relationships.

“I’ve been taking it a day at a time and focusing on my relationship with my fiancé. After all, a wedding is just one day but a marriage is a lifetime,” Kryz revealed. Nurturing your personal relationships will bring more meaning to your success because you’ll be able to share your joy and fulfillment with someone you love.

While we’re not all juggling major businesses like this influencer, we can take a cue from her go-getting attitude. As a modern Filipina, you can have both a bustling a career and a fruitful relationship.

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