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How To Hide Root Regrowth When A Salon Trip Is Impossible

Easy tricks you can do ASAP.
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Hairstylists, when dyeing regrowth, don't just pick a random shade from a chart to apply to your strands. They studied ~color mixing~ to ace the perfect shade that will blend seamlessly with the rest of your locks. This, my friends, is the complex process professionals do to prevent "banding," aka the demarcation that shows where a box dye was layered over the salon color.

That said, retouching your own roots at home can be risky, especially if you've got light brown or blonde hair. It will be hard to avoid banding since a box dye can't accurately match your current color. But not all hope is lost! Below, we've got the clever ways you can disguise root regrowth that will help you get by until your next salon appointment.

  1. Wear a headband

    The easiest way to hide regrowth is by putting on a thick headband. No one will ever know your secret, plus your hair will look polished, too.

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  2. Put your hair up in a topknot

    A chic hairstyle like a topknot will make root regrowth look classy and put-together. Spritz on shine spray for good measure.

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  3. Style your hair into braids

    The root regrowth will almost be undetectable when you braid your hair—it will just seem that you've got a balayage. We suggest you try plaits that are close to your scalp like a crown braid or mohawk braid.

  4. Embrace messy hair

    Add volume and texture to distract the attention from the roots' color contrast. You can also create a zigzag part to disguise the regrowth. Curl your locks and spritz a sea salt spray to get that disheveled bedhead look.

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  5. Apply mascara

    Disguise roots in a jiffy with a few coats of your favorite mascara.

    Careline Mascara, P120, Watsons


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  6. Spritz root color spray

    Another color-correcting product you can try is a semi-permanent root color spray. The temporary dye can hide your roots and help them blend well with the rest of your locks.

    L'Oreal Magic Retouch in Brown, P425, Watsons


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(If you've decided that you prefer to retouch your hair color at home, we've got a complete guide for you here.)

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