How To Keep You Hair Looking Gorgeous All Night

Take it from this Cosmo Girl who gave us serious #hairgoals!
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For a look that everyone can't get enough of, we took a cue from Cosmo's 8 Sexiest Models at the Cosmo Fashion launch on November 5 at 71 Gramercy.

Case in point: Jach Manere.

Aside from that ~*sparkly*~ yet sexy dress she effortlessly wore, you can't deny how lovely her hair looked all night. Below, her three secrets:

1. The right hair color. When choosing your hair dye, make sure you match it with your skin tone, and an alluring ash brown color certainly suits a morena like Jach. You can find the shade that perfectly complements your fair skin, too, thanks to L'Oreal Excellence, which has a wide range of products for every Cosmo girl.

2. A solid hair care routine. As a model, her hair goes through a lot of styling, so Jach definitely invests in proper hair care. A moisturizing shampoo and conditioner to nourishes your hair and keep your tresses smooth and silky are must-haves for party-ready hair all night.

3. The sexiest trait of all: confidence. Every fun and fearless female can't go anywhere without it. It can make your hair and your overall look truly stand out, too!

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