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How To Tell Which Blonde Hair Color Will Suit You

Find the most flattering hue for your skin tone!
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Contrary to belief, there's a blonde shade that can suit everyone, no matter your natural hair color.

We asked color expert Mario Charalambous, Technical Director at Richard Ward Hair, for his top tips in selecting the right shade of blonde for you. If you're keen to lighten up, keep reading for his advice!

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How To Find Your Perfect Blonde

  1. Find out whether your skin is warm or cool toned.

    This will decide which blonde tones work best for you. To do this, simply look at the veins on your wrist; if they're mostly blue and purple you have a cool undertone, if they are mostly green you have a warm undertone, and if they are a mix of both you have a neutral undertoneand therefore have more choices.

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  2. Generally speaking, paler, pinky skin tones suit cool, delicate blondes.

    Think ash, beige or baby-blonde.

  3. Darker or more yellow/golden-toned skins suit golden or honey hues.

    Think butter, golden, caramel tones.

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  4. Take into account the depth of your eye color.

    How much of a contrast do you want? Soft, multi-tonal shades complement lighter eye colors, whereas deeper, richer blondes flatter a darker eye.

  5. Think about maintenance.

    An all over platinum blonde needs regular trips to your colorist, whereas ombre is far more low maintenance. How much are you willing to commit to the upkeep?

  6. Look at the condition of your hair.

    Your color will only ever be as good as the condition your hair is in. It's important to use shampoos and conditioners specifically designed for colored hair.

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How To Maintain Your Blonde Hair Color

To minimize damage when going blonde:

We all know bleach can cause damage, sask your colorist to use Olaplex on your hair during you color appointment! The new treatment can literally reconnect the hair strand's structure. It's the future of healthy hair coloring!

To make your fresh blonde color last longer:

To help lock the color in and keep it from fading too quickly, Mario recommends using an advanced antioxidant formula of hair products with Neohespiridin, a substance naturally found in citrus that fights the oxidization of hair color. Look for one that also has a UV filter designed to protect and prolong color radiance.

To dabble in blonde without the bleach:

Still scared of committing to the color? Try an instant color lift for sun-lightened strands. A color lift can be shampooed throughout your hair for an all over lift, or placed where the sun will naturally hit for subtle highlights, and even take you from brunette to bronde.

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