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Want A Lob Haircut? Here's How You Can Do It By Yourself

It's #SarilingSikap time!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/sueannedoodles, (RIGHT) Instagram/yassipressman

Summer is the perfect time to get a haircut—the change of season just pushes you to try something new! But if a salon trip isn't possible, you can dare to do it yourself. For today's #SarilingSikap challenge, we found a helpful tutorial that teaches how you can cut your own hair into a lob

Why a lob? It looks good on all face shapes and works well on all hair textures. It's also versatile—you can style it in many ways, depending on your mood. Is the weather too hot? Tie it up in a ponytail! Are you feeling cute? Put on a pretty hair clip! Best of all, the length is not that drastic so it's safe to DIY.

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LynSire's DIY lob haircut tutorial showed easy-to-follow techniques: She used a hair tie as a guide to how far she'll chop off her locks, and then, she straightened her tresses to even out the ends. The result? A salon-worthy haircut!

Watch the rest of her informative video below (Skip to 2:13 for the tutorial):

(Ed's note: Please watch the video many times and equip yourself with the right tools before proceeding.)

How To: Lob Haircut

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