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Here's How You Can Shape Your Eyebrows At Home

Take matters into your own hands.
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I've been a fan of DIY beauty since I was a teen, so this topic is close to my heart. Shaping my own eyebrows at home saves me time and money. If you share the same sentiments with me, read on!

When you do your own eyebrows, you must be really careful that you won't go crazy with the plucking or shaving! One wrong move may mean you're stuck with weird-looking arches for weeks. But don't worry, I got your back! Below is your ultimate DIY brow shaping guide. Here, I detail everything you need to know about cleaning stray brow hairs so you can confidently skip brow appointments temporarily.

How to shape eyebrows at home: Let the brow hairs go out.

Before anything else, it's best that you allow your eyebrows to grow out. This way, you'll see their natural shape. Plus, you'll also notice the bald spots that you would be extra cautious of when you remove stray hairs.

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How to shape eyebrows at home: Find your eyebrow's arch and length

To find out the best shape that will frame your facial features well, follow this diagram. Look for the start and end of your eyebrows, and then identify your arch. The arch is usually right above the pupil.

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How to shape eyebrows at home: Tweezing

Tweezing is the cheapest way to groom your brows while you wait for your next profesh kilay appointment.

  1. Brush up eyebrow hairs: This step allows you to spot the areas that have excess hair growth. You'll also notice your kilay's natural arch.
  2. Protect the skin with a facial oil (version 1): Since you'll be plucking out hairs, it will help lessen the pain when you massage a bit of non-comedogenic facial oil on the areas. The product will serve as a lubricant when you tweeze the follicle out.
  3. Or prep the eyebrows with baby powder(version 2): If you do not have facial oil, baby powder works just as well, too! Lightly dust on the areas where you'll be tweezing to help minimize the pain.
  4. Tweeze hair in the direction of hair growth: To prevent ingrown hairs, tweeze the excess hair at the angle of its hair growth.
  5. Check and assess Step back and evaluate how your brow looks like every two plucks. This is to prevent yourself from over-tweezing.
  6. Soothe the skin: Your skin might turn because of all the tweezing, so it's important that you apply a soothing product to calm down the redness.
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How to tweeze eyebrows

How to shape eyebrows at home: Shaving with a razor

If you're scared of over-tweezing, shaving excess hair growth is the best option. You can buy eyebrow razors from drugstores or Korean cosmetics shops.

  1. Apply moisturizer above and below the brow: This step will help your razor glide smoothly.
  2. Stretch and shave: Pull up the skin above the eyebrow so you can easily shave off the stray hairs. Run the razor downwards for a clean shave. For the ones on the brow bone, hold the razor vertically and shave inwards.
  3. Trim as you go: Brush up the brow hairs and snip off the ones that are sticking up the arch.
  4. Dab a soothing cream: Calm down the shaved area with a thin layer of soothing cream to prevent redness.

How to shape brows with a razor

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