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This Heat-Free Way Of Styling Bangs Is Genius

Who knew a lash curler could be used for your fringe?
PHOTO: Instagram/afloat_yagasakiken

One struggle of having bangs is if your strands are straight, chances are, they dry down looking limp and lifeless. To make them look bouncy and fresh, you'd have to blow dry them or use a straightening iron. While there's nothing wrong with those methods, constantly heat-styling your tresses can cause them to eventually become dry, brittle, and prone to breaking. This is why we were super excited when we came across this ~unique~ and heatless way of styling the fringe.

Who knew a simple lash curler could give that effect on bangs? The trick, which is from Japanese hairstylist Ken Yagasaki, works by taking a lash curler (Here are some options under P200!), inverting it, inserting a section of hair in between the rubber pads, and squeezing it down all the way to the ends of your hair. Easy and heat-free—perfect for when you're in a rush or want to give your strands a break from excessive heat! Here's a closer look at how to do it:


BRB, we're going to try this lash curler hack right now.

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