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How To Style Alanganin Hair Length

Don’t settle for a plain ponytail or twist until your tresses grow. Make them look glam even at mid-length with this easy and simple trick.
alanganin_hair_jean_garcia.jpgSTEP 1: Gel It

Work hair gel into the lower half of strands with both hands. Using a small straightening iron, position hair at a 90-degree angle between clamp, and slowly “kick” out the ends by twisting the iron outwards.

STEP 2: Flick It

Work on all the ends until they’re all flicked out, and define the ends by twisting in a little more gel with your fingers into strands. Now you look classy and glam for that event--and no one would even notice your awkward hair length!

Photo: Jean Garcia in "Stairway To Heaven" (courtesy of GMA-7)
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