How To Style Short Hair Without Looking Like A Tita

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Most people think that you can't be too adventurous when you've got short hair. You'll either look like a grade-schooler or appear way too mature for your age—like a tita. To prevent these blunders, check out our style suggestions below.

1. Go easy on the volume.

Va-va-voom hair is sexy, but too much volume on the crown can age you. To avoid this, lift your roots up to an inch at the most. 

2. Aim for waves, and not curls.

When curling short hair, hold the curling iron vertically to produce soft waves. Tight curls will just make you look like a poodle.

3. Get sleek.

When you want a sleeker ‘do, add a little volume to the roots and brush your hair back. And if your hair’s length can handle it, put in a ponytail with a deep side-part for a polished look.

4. It’s all about texture.

Look carefree and adventurous by adding piecey texture to your short crop.  To achieve this, wrap random sections with a curling iron and spritz on sea salt spray for volume and definition. 

5. Embrace highlights.

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Getting highlights is not just for kaartehan. It "contours" your hair by giving it dimension, making it look instantly fab even though your hair hasn't  been touched by any styling product. Plus, your skin looks more alive because of the golden tones on your locks.

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