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If You Have Curly Hair, You Should Totally Try Plopping

It’s the beauty trend that will give you frizz-free hair, sans heat styling.

WTF is plopping?

It’s a beauty trend that curly-haired girls swear by, but we think this technique can be done by anyone—regardless of hair texture. Plopping is the process by which you lay a cotton t-shirt on a flat surface, gather all your hair in the middle, and wrap the towel around your head by tying both ends. Like, this:

The logic here is that bath towels cause your hair to frizz up, because they absorb moisture from your hair—messing up your cuticles and leaving you with a dry mane. Ratty old t-shirts have the opposite effect on your hair. Plus, they actually speed up the hair drying process!

Curly-haired girls swear by plopping, because the process also keeps their curls’ shape (which is ridiculously hard in this weather, TBH).

There’s a debate on when it’s actually okay to put hair product—before or after you wrap your hair. Our suggestion? Wait until your hair is a little damp, apply your products and then wrap your mane with your shirt. That way, your hair absorbs most of your hair product.

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