Introducing #CosmoBeautyCrush

We're totally obsessed!
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Cosmopolitan, the global beauty authority with 61 international editions, 45 million magazine readers, 39 websites, 46 million digital audiences and more social connections worldwide, is spearheading one big global initiative called Cosmo Beauty Crush. It is our way of making sure that you, Cosmo girl, get the best beauty treats from around the globe! 

How? Cosmo attaches its global seal of approval to special products that pass its ultra high beauty standards. So when you see the Cosmo Beauty Crush seal, it means that you've got to ditch what you've been used to and be the first to try the next big thing in beauty.

Excited? We totally are—especially since we are introducing our first-ever #CosmoBeautyCrush soon!

We can’t tell you what it is yet (we’re sworn to secrecy!), but you can definitely get clues in our January issue! Can’t wait to get your hands on the product? Well, you’re in luck because for a limited time only, you can actually pre-order on Zalora at a special introductory price.

Since we want you, our amazing Cosmo Girl, to be the first in line, click here to get your hands on this big beauty miracle before it hits the market. Don't forget to tag us using #CosmoBeautyCrush!

Dying for more clues? Okay, here you go: 1. It’s your daily miracle; 2. It's gold; 3. You want this, we promise.

Find out more about our new #CosmoBeautyCrush by clicking here!

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