Is Hair Tapestry The New Cool Girl Hair Trend?

And are they the new flower crowns?

Bleach London, a salon in the UK popular for creating outrageous but super cool hairstyles, made Hair Tapestry the huge music festival hair trend that it is today.

The process is ~*fairly*~ simple: tapestry thread is used and woven through small sections of hair to create different patterns. You can either have it done on your actual hair, or have a pattern made on hair extensions that you can clip on.

Although the trend isn’t exactly suitable for daily use, we’re diggin’ the colorful boho hair trend, just because it looks super cute! It’s such a stylish and subtle way to add some color and oomph to your hair without asking for too much attention. (Like flower crowns, amiright!?)

If you want to know how you can do hair tapestry yourself—with a friend, of course—here’s a super useful video:

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