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Is Hair Tapestry The New Cool Girl Hair Trend?

And are they the new flower crowns?

Bleach London, a salon in the UK popular for creating outrageous but super cool hairstyles, made Hair Tapestry the huge music festival hair trend that it is today.

The process is ~*fairly*~ simple: tapestry thread is used and woven through small sections of hair to create different patterns. You can either have it done on your actual hair, or have a pattern made on hair extensions that you can clip on.

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Although the trend isn’t exactly suitable for daily use, we’re diggin’ the colorful boho hair trend, just because it looks super cute! It’s such a stylish and subtle way to add some color and oomph to your hair without asking for too much attention. (Like flower crowns, amiright!?)

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If you want to know how you can do hair tapestry yourself—with a friend, of course—here’s a super useful video:

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