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For Fuller Brows, You'll Need An Onion

Yes. As in sibuyas.

“Grow eyebrows fast!” read the caption of this Insta-vid by beauty blogger Farah D. Upon clicking the play button, we were surprised at what she did:

Your eyes weren’t deceiving you—that was an onion, and she rubbed it on her brow area without bursting into tears. “Onion juice has sulphur which speeds up the growth of hair and makes it thicker. Massage onion juice on brows for 5 mins, let it dry completely, wash off with cold water or a mild cleanser. Do this everyday careful not to get this in ur eyes (sic.),” the instructions read.

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This left us wondering, is this hack worth the risk?

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Allure reports that after speaking to pros, they found out that while sulfur in onions has been proven to speed up hair growth, not much research has been done on its direct effects on eyebrows. In 2002, an experiment was conducted with alopecia patients who were asked to use onion juice on their scalp. They found that those who did this experienced better hair growth compared to those who only used regular water. It should also be noted that these patients’ scalps were inflamed, so the sulfur was able to calm the skin. As far brows go, there has been no proof that onions will give you luscious kilay.

Upon consulting with the pros, Allure also added that there’s nothing wrong with trying out this hack, but you just have to be very careful. Instead of rubbing an onion directly on your skin, it would be best to just squeeze out the onion juice and use a cotton bud to rub it on your brows. Let 15 minutes pass and wash everything off. 

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Would you try this hack?

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